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Community access to ground water



Since its inception, Eaton Drilling has provided the agricultural community access to ground water; a local, reliable and energy-conscious source of water that is crucial to the success of most agricultural enterprises.Typically, our Ag customers need to lift underlying groundwater to the surface, and possibly distribute it by means of directed pressurization, using the least amount of energy possible.


Our production wells are designed with this in mind: we consider production draw down, and seasonal standing water level measurements from other wells in the vicinity, to decide from which formations the well will draw water (i.e. high-yield zones that exist below minimum static water level) and which formations should be excluded (i.e. shallow formations at depths above or within seasonal fluctuations in water level that would otherwise entrain air). Designs can incorporate “compression sections” or “slip joints” to alleviate structural stress on well casing.


Ground water containing high concentrations of dissolved solids is unsuitable for most agricultural purposes, it can also greatly accelerate corrosion of steel well casing thus shortening the operating life of the well. When poor quality subsurface water exists there are two potential remedies: extend cement seals around source formations to block its entry into the well, and/or use PVC casing instead of steel. PVC casing does not conduct electricity so it is not susceptible to the same electrolytic corrosion processes as steel and other metals. PVC can be used for production wells up to 1000’ provided materials, installation and joint construction aspects of the design are carefully considered.




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