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Accurate test pumping results



Accurate documentation of well pumping levels and production rates requires keen attention to detail. We at Eaton Pumps know that accurate test pumping results are crucial to the success of our projects. From small-scale design/build projects to large-scale projects for municipal concerns, we perform our tests with pride and strive to clearly convey test findings to our customers.


Eaton Pumps uses modern digitization techniques to record measurements during flow tests. Using our ultrasonic Panametric meter, we accurately measure the flow of water in pipes ranging in diameter from 2 to 20 inches. Well test pumping results are presented in a straightforward visual format for accuracy and transparancy. We provide for our customers the findings that guide our recommendations.


As standard procedure in well restorations, we perform a pump efficiency test to inform selection of optimal pumping equipment for increasing well production rates after they have declined. Our clients benefit from Eaton'sextensive database of water well logs, test pump information and specs of previously-installed pump systems. By referring to this information we make informed recommendations.





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