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Through our strong association with Eaton Drilling Co., Inc., provides customers superior service by drawing upon a thorough understanding of water well operation. Many factors affect operation of a production well including: proper well design, hydrostatic conditions, yield of water-bearing formations, water chemistry, local temperature of water in the well and seasonal climate changes. Eaton Pumps considers all of these to engineer well pump solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers.


We give the same attention to detail to repair projects and submersible pump jobs as we give when installing deep well turbine pumps and low lift pump stations.


"I really am pleased so far with the well and service. I've been telling everyone how nice it was to be able to ask any person on the job site what was going on. To a person, they all could answer questions and know what was happening next. It's really nice to see this. Most of the time the foreman is so insecure about his job that he won't share what he knows with his guys. It's nice to see that's not the case with Eaton."


-- Todd H., City of Colusa




New Pump Sales

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At Eaton Pumps Sales and Service, our highly-experienced design experts engineer superior well pump systems to meet customer water needs given the conditions of the well and its surroundings. We obtain high quality pumps and pump components in large volumes so our customers enjoy low prices. We sell exclusively electrical well pumping systems. Read More

New Pump Sales

Service and Equipment


Design/build of pump stations and river pump platforms, Ultrasonic water flow metering, Water well rehabilitation Water well swage services, casing repair and patching, Portable 300-ton hydraulic jack system, Water well abandonments, Complete selection of electric drive pump motors, Two pump rigs with hook loads up to 88,000 lbs... Read More

Service and Equipment

Pump Efficiency Testing


Pump efficiency is defined as the ratio of water horsepower output from the pump to the shaft horsepower input for the pump. Water horsepower is determined by the flow rate and pressure delivered from the pump. The shaft horsepower is delivered to the pump from the power unit, which usually is an electric motor or internal combustion engine. Read More

New Pump Sales

Pump Stations


Eaton Pump excels in the design, construction and repair of high-capacity, high-volume pump stations. We design our stations for optimal efficiency and are uniquely qualified to tackle these inherently complex projects. Read More

Pump Stations


Eaton Drilling Co Inc in Woodland, Contractor license (133783), A General Contractor, C-57 Well Drilling and C-61 Specialty services in California, also other trades Nevada and Oregon. Our equipment conforms to current air quality standards.


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