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Caliper Survey Description



Eaton Drilling and Eaton Pumps can survey cross-sectional geometry of open boreholes and cased wells using our 4-arm, “X-Y independent” caliper tool.


Because our tool measures internal diameter across two, mutually-perpendicular axes, we can accurately estimate how round or oval a well is at a given depth. This eccentricity or “ovality” information is not obtainable using more common 3-armed tools—whose arms are linked mechanically—because they only convey information about the smallest diameter of the cross-section.


At the onset of well construction, Eaton Drilling can survey open boreholes to ensure they are sufficiently unobstructed to accommodate well casing and annular gravel.

Well Swage Services uses information about casing geometry to formulate well repair plans and evaluate the efficacy of swaging and patching efforts. Successive cross-sectional surveys over time can detect casing deformation from the onset of radial and longitudinal compression forces on the well.



Caliper Survey Capabilities



Maximum depth: 2700 feet


Caliper tool:


2 1/8” Diameter “X-Y” 4-ARM Caliper, (Allen Machine Co. TX)


“X-Y” independent: 2 arms “X” and 2 arms “Y”


Functions in cased wells or uncased boreholes


Temperature rating: 350° F


Pressure Compensation: 10,000 psi





Diameter (6 – 32 inches) along two, mutually-perpendicular, axes simultaneously


Cross-sectional eccentricity 


DAQ Hardware: 


Scientific Data Systems Slick-Line Acquisition Box (SLAB)


DAQ Software: 


Scientific Data Systems Warrior 7




Camesa 3/16” 4-conductor (4H18)

2700+ feet




2005 Chevy Express 1500 Cargo



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