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Restoring to full functional capacity



As pump systems operate over time they can lose efficiency, or even fail, due to many causes, including:


1. Bent or broken drive shafts


2. Loose impellers


3. Worn and/or pitted impeller surfaces


4. Faulty bearings


5. Compromised seals.


Eaton Pumps works in concert with Eaton Machine to rebuild damaged or compromised pumps with the aim of restoring them to their full functional capacity.



Specifically, we service



1. line-shaft turbine pumps


2. submersible pumps


3. low-lift pumps


4. vertical and horizontal booster pumps.




Rebuild services offered by Eaton Pumps include:


1. re-machining of pump bowls and impeller skirts


2. installation of new drive shafts, bearings and seals


3. surface coating.





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