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The Process and Advantages



Because of its relative speed, simplicity and brief subsequent development times, we favor the Flooded Reverse Circulation method for drilling large diameter boreholes for high-volume production wells.




1.Air is pumped though ducts positioned along the outer perimeter of the drill pipe. It travels down to the drill bit at the bottom of the borehole.


2. The air exits near the bit’s cutting knives to build pressure at the bottom where the borehole has been newly cut.


3. Resultant high pressure breaks up and suspends cuttings in the drilling fluid. The mixture flows into the low pressure region inside the center of the drill pipe.


4. Drilling mud and cuttings travel all the way up the drill pipe interior and exit out into a flooded collection pit at the surface.


5. Drilling fluid, under the force of gravity, exerts an outward force against the borehole that contains it. These outward forces increase with increasing depth and act to keep the walls of the borehole intact and the hole open.




Under the right conditions, Reverse Circulation drilling progresses substantially faster than Direct Circulation drilling-—our reverse rigs can drill 2000’ deep boreholes up to 32” in diameter in a single pass. Our custom-made, 8” diameter reverse drill pipe (designed and fabricated by Eaton Fabrication and Eaton Machine) enables cutting removal at rates sufficient to make such rapid drilling possible. Drilling fluid used in Reverse Circulation drilling is typically lighter and less invasive than mud used for Direct Circulation drilling. Lighter mud, coupled with the relatively short time it spends in the borehole, means less invasion of borehole fluid into surrounding water-bearing production zones. Less mud invasion means less removal time when wells are test pumped during the development phase following construction.





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