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What we search for...



Prior to, during and following a well rehabilitation or repair, we visually inspect the casing of a well to learn its construction and detect problems. Specifically, we search for:


1. Perforated regions in well casing noting slot type and density.


2. Encrustation in the form of rust, algae and solids deposited on the casing surface.


3. Corrosion: localized depletion of metal often found around perforations and welded seams.


4. Casing deformations from axial and lateral compression forces exerted on the well.


5. Breaches in well casing: holes or tears that permit free-flow of water into or out of the well.


6. Obstructions lodged in the well (e.g. residual pump parts or other debris).


Well inspections involve lowering a cable-suspended camera down the well to record downward and side views of the casing at indicated depths. The video record is burned to a DVD and relevant findings are documented in a summary report. Our well rehab and repair specialists use inspection findings to inform their recommendations on how to proceed. Plans often involve Eaton Pump's Well Rehabilitation and Well Swage services. Well inspections are also conducted to confirm rehabilitation or repair efforts; for example, verifying removal of encrustation or proper placement of a swaged casing patch.





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