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Structural Integrity & Full Production Capacity



Water wells exist in subsurface environments that threaten them. Corrosion and encrustation, erosion and subsidence are all processes that act against a well’s structural integrity and full production capacity. Eaton has become an integrated provider of water well services at all stages of a well’s life and in 2014, Eaton Well Swage was formed to meet the well repair needs of its customers. By owning the best proven design, we can repair even the most compromised sections of well casing. At Eaton Well Swage Services, we visually inspect the results of all of our swaging and patching procedures to confirm that our efforts have produced the intended result. We will continue to improve our swaging procedures, as our experience grows, to maximize the operating life of water wells.





Well Repair Services

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We restore compromised well casing and corroded areas of damaged wells. By doing so a water well can resume functioning at full capacity. We use a specially designed hydraulic swaging tool to reshape compromised casing in wells from 12” diameter and larger in diameter. Read More

Well Repair


Eaton Drilling Co LLC in Woodland, Contractor license (133783), A General Contractor, C-57 Well Drilling and C-61 Specialty services in California, also other trades Nevada and Oregon. Our equipment conforms to current air quality standards.


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