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Information about surrounding subsurface formations



Monitoring wells provide information about surrounding subsurface formations. Typically, they are small diameter wells designed to fulfill very specific research needs. For over 30 years, Eaton Drilling Co., Inc. has been constructing monitor wells of various designs that meet or exceed industry standards. As a general rule, small diameter wells take less time and labor to construct than larger diameter production wells, making them markedly less expensive.


Because monitoring wells are intended to reflect actual subsurface conditions over time, we adhere to rigorous quality standards during drilling and construction: including careful control of drilling fluid density to limit its invasion into the formation zones to be monitored. Small diameter wells are more difficult to clean during the development phase--for this reason completed monitor wells are cleaned using compressed air and/or mechanical bailing methods rather than traditional test pumping.


Our nested monitoring wells provide information from multiple sealed zones from within a single borehole. Single zone monitoring wells have size-matched gravel pack installed in the annulus, at the depth range of the formation of interest, with complete seals from above and below. When test drilling monitor wells intended for water sampling, we collect and analyze zone samples from relevant depths.


At Eaton Drilling, the design determines the materials used; we do not compromise good design principles for the sake of convenience. We also go to great lengths to eliminate hasty decisions made in the field.


All construction plans ensure that each well is completed in full accordance with its customer-approved design. Well construction crews receive careful oversight and are required to communicate their progress with the design team throughout the construction process.





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