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We perform a standardized pump efficiency test as part of the pump repair plan. The test informs selection of efficient pumping equipment for the well’s unique conditions and also the rehabilitation plan for maintaining production rates as the well operates over time. For our test procedures, we use non-invasive test tools to accurately measure water flow (ultrasonic flow meter) and water level (digital transducer) to high precision, in pipes with diameters ranging between 2 to 20 inches.


We carefully document pumping levels and production rates in well test reports and store these measurements in an electronic database for easy and accurate retrieval. We tabulate test data and report results in an easy-to-read format with transparent calculations for the reader.


We perform step tests to determine the production characteristics of a water well at predetermined rates and durations of pumping. Step tests are typically performed during the development phase of a well and reflect its production capacity to guide selection of the permanent pumping system to be installed. Constant rate tests evaluate well production over time by keeping the pump at a constant speed. Flow rate is periodically measured to detect possible changes in production yield. A consistent quality of water wells is an increase in pumping water level after prolonged pumping.


Eaton Pumps frequently refers to Eaton Drilling’s large database of well data that it has amassed by drilling water wells for over 80 years. The database includes test hole electric logsdesign planstest pumping data and installed equipment specifications. Using relevant information we can provide our customers an informed course of action when a well’s production levels change.





Eaton Drilling Co LLC in Woodland, Contractor license (133783), A General Contractor, C-57 Well Drilling and C-61 Specialty services in California, also other trades Nevada and Oregon. Our equipment conforms to current air quality standards.


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