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We restore compromised well casing and corroded areas of damaged wells.



We use a specially designed hydraulic swaging tool to reshape compromised casing in wells from 12” diameter and larger in diameter. Compromised well casing are resealed by swaging steel patches over compromised areas. There are a number of conditions that are symptomatic in well and pump systems when the casing has been compromised. They can be free flow of formation water into the well as well as influx of sand, gravel, and mud.


Compromised well casings are caused primarily from two factors. One factor can be stress failure, and the second being corrosion. Each of these result in free-flow of formation water into the well as well as influx of sand, gravel and mud. Our well swage tool is a cylindrical press used to restore deformed, corroded, broken and otherwise compromised water well casing of 12 inch diameter or greater.


The forces of pressing and forming by means of cold shaping are made possible by the use of a swage tool. This process restores metal casing to its original dimension and functionality. The precision that is required in this process requires verification of both the holes in the casing and their exact location measurement through down the hole video survey. We use analog back up to verify the digital depths provided by the survey instrumentation. In cases where the distortion of the casing diameter is sever the swage is used to “round” the casing enough that the patch and tool can pass through the comprised section of the casing.












Eaton Drilling Co LLC in Woodland, Contractor license (133783), A General Contractor, C-57 Well Drilling and C-61 Specialty services in California, also other trades Nevada and Oregon. Our equipment conforms to current air quality standards.


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