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The Key Components



To control the entrance velocity of formation water and permit size-sorting of formation grain particles, we use washed, rounded, high-silica gravel of comparable grain size to the particles that compose water-bearing formations surrounding the borehole. Sieve analysis of test borehole drilling samples and geophysical logs inform our selection of appropriate gravel pack for a given well. Sometimes, when formation zones are composed different sized particles in roughly equal proportion, we blend together gravel pack material of different sizes to engineer a composite gravel pack with a broader particle size distribution to match. Proper selection of the gravel pack, along with perforated casing of appropriate slot size and slot density, are key components of productive, long-lasting water wells.


In addition, during the construction phase, the volume density of the selected gravel pack must be less than the specific weight of the drilling fluid at the bottom of the borehole so that grains can settle to the bottom of the borehole unimpeded. To aid proper settling of the gravel pack material, we direct the gravel pack down a temporary tremie pipe installed between the casing and borehole wall shortly after the well casing is set.





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