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The basis of the screen slot size and gravel pack selection and installation



Sieve analysis determines the particle size distribution of the sands and gravels of water bearing formation. The selection of the appropriate size gravel pack material sets the entrance velocity of water; thus controlling sand production.


We filter test hole cuttings through a column of screens of sequentially finer mesh to determine the particle size distribution (by weight) of samples taken from, and in the vicinity of, water bearing formations. Called Sieve Analysis, results from this standard procedure informs our choice of Gravel pack material used to fill the annulus between the casing and borehole wall of the proposed well. The gravel pack determines the velocity of water entering the casing from surrounding water-bearing formations. Water entering through casing perforations must be slow enough as not to force native sand or other small particles into the well.


By selecting gravel pack material that is size-matched to the predominant grain size of surrounding formations, slow entrance velocities are achieved following Well Development when formation particles are size-sorted within the gravel pack. Sand in water wells, whatever the cause, lowers water production rates and causes wear on pumping equipment thus reducing the longevity of the well.





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