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An important step before development drilling should take place.



Test holes are exploratory boreholes that we drill at each proposed site prior to further drilling and construction of the full-diameter, cased well. Test holes are deep, small diameter borings drilled to provide subsurface sand and gravel samples, and access for geophysical logging. Our experienced design team interprets data from test holes, along with descriptive logs provided by the driller, to infer the depths and thicknesses of water bearing formations that guide the design of the proposed well.


The Process


Test hole drilling begins after we research geophysical and production data from other wells nearby, obtain the required permits and the site and verify that the proposed test bore will not intercept any pre-existing underground utilities. Along with an evaluation of existing data from each area, this procedure verifies that the water bearing formations present are sufficient to supply the desired production capacity. If so, the customer must then approve the design so we can continue onto the construction phase of the project. We drill test holes using the direct circulation method as reliable test bore data is best gathered under tightly-controlled conditions. Our drilling fluid mixing and cleaning process permits extraction of sand and gravel cuttings. The specific weight and viscosity of the drilling fluid greatly determines the success of the direct circulation strategy as it is responsible for suspending borehole cuttings and providing a gelatinous barrier around borehole walls. Mud barriers better retain formation water when drilling through water-bearing zones.





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